Het Landhoofd

The bastion at the Nijmegen railway bridge

On the banks of the Waal, two towers flank the place where the railway bridge comes ashore.

This characteristic building oversees all water, rail, cycling and walking traffic in the area and raises questions from many passers-by.

The bastion, which was once built as a defensive structure, has a history as a bridge pier, bridge keeper's house, anti-aircraft guntower, emergency residence, photo studio and painting studio.
A history that started in 1879, after the opening of the railway bridge.
Several times the building was nominated to be demolished, but each time fate decided otherwise.

A music practice room has been housed in the eastern tower since 2014, and since the end of 2019 the user has regularly given interested parties the opportunity to view the building from the inside.  
Every Sunday a group of volunteers guide interested parties around the striking building.

Opening hours

Every Sunday:
11:00 am ; 12:00 am ; 1:00 p.m;
2:00 p.m. ; 3:00 pm ; 4:00 pm,

In the months: november, december, january and february this is:
12:00u ; 13:00u ; 14:00u ; 15:00u ;
or by appointment (groups).


Spoorbrugkade 3a
6511XV Nijmegen
email: landhoofd024@gmail.com


It is possible to visit this characteristic building.
During the regularly held guided tours, the visitor not only gets to see the building, but also gets a glimpse into the history of the building and the bridge.
It is therefore not only a journey of discovery through a remarkable building, but also an introduction to the period in which the bridge was constructed.
The vicissitudes of the bridge, building and its inhabitants, sometimes in turbulent times, are also revealed, along with the role of the building during Operation Market Garden as a fierce highlight.

The building has many stairs and narrow corridors and is therefore not recommended for people with walking difficulties, who are seriously afraid of heights or who suffer from claustrophobia. A visit is always at your own risk.

The tours are free. Up to 10 people can participate per time slot.
You can pick up free tickets at the entrance from 10:30 a.m., for the time slots of that day, on the day in question.

On-line reservations are also possible, until 24:00 hours of the previous day. The reservation costs are € 2.50 p.p.
You can make a reservation here: www.myreservations.nl/calendar.php?custid=ee855f1e0f845659dcef4050261ddb40